Review Of 5Dimes

5Dimes is a legal online sports betting site that accepts Virginia residents and is completely free to join. You can find much more than just football odds at 5Dimes though. They have an exhaustive sportsbook that includes all traditional sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf. They even include the sometimes-comical non-traditional sports like competitive eating, handball, and everyone’s favorite: politics. Although I would be careful not to wager on politics with friends and family, it could get ugly. 5Dimes has all the betting and wager types as well, from straight bets, totals, parlays, to if-bets, and office pools.

Our review of 5Dimes is just beginning but we know the importance of explaining the friendly customer service and functional sports betting content. In this review, Virginia residents will find out the answers to the provocative questions that they have asked themselves about sports betting in Virginia. We will go over how members of 5Dimes can make deposits /request payouts, qualify for the many rewards and some of the special features that make 5Dimes one of the best sites possible.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Virginia?

5Dimes SportsbookYes, 5Dimes is a legal sports betting site in Virginia. It is also legal for Virginia sports fans that are over the age of 21 to use this site, even though their site explains that bettors are welcome at 18. This is because each state has a different minimum gambling age, but Virginia has theirs set at 21. You may have heard of the Wire Act of 1961. But don’t let this law scare you.

The Wire Act made it made a crime to transmit funding or gambling information over a wire between state lines. The Act was revised several times in recent years, and some folks have attempted to restore this Act to its former glory. However, this only applies to sportsbooks that are within the country. Because 5Dimes is located in Costa Rica, the site is out of US jurisdiction. As for yourself, the Wire Act only targets the business, not the individual.

Will I Get In Trouble For Using A Sports Betting Site In Virginia?

No, you won’t get into trouble for using this site. Research states that there have been no arrests or cases against players from the state of Virginia for gaming at 5Dimes. Therefore, Virginia residents can breathe a sigh of relief and not worry about getting into any type of trouble. 5Dimes has been successfully serving the Virginia area since 1996, and has gained a respected reputation with its customer base. This site is regulated by the Costa Rican government and by various other gambling and non-gambling official entities. Because of this, US citizens should not be afraid of persecution from the Costa Rican government as it is legal to gamble in their country and they welcome all Virginia residents to join up.

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Is It Safe To Use My Money At 5Dimes?

I know that whenever I buy something, I want to know I am getting what I am paying for, and the peace of mind that comes with that. 5Dimes is a secure site and takes every precaution to make sure your money and your personal information is safe. 5Dimes has the best IT security and protocols to insure that unauthorized users have zero access to your account.

Before we go into payouts, I need to tell you about one more law. The UIGEA, or the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act, restricts how a betting site can payout to a player. It is Unlawful for a site to pay a player by using a credit card. With 5Dimes, you do not have to worry about that because they offer a wide range of other payout options.

Payouts can be made through this site in several ways, and as painlessly as possible for user satisfaction. You can request a payout in the following ways: person-to-person, cashier’s check, money orders, debit card fund applications, gift cards, and bitcoin. Let us look at the debit card funds application, with this payout method withdrawals go straight to a bank account as debit. It only takes a few days with a minimum of $100 and a maximum $2400 in withdrawal amounts. Fees can be between $15 and $40 depending on the amount, but they are waived if you have not made a payout request in the previous 30 days. All withdrawals come with a combination of different terms and conditions, please check out 5Dimes to learn more.

Deposits work like payouts, only you can use a credit card to make a deposit and you will not violate any laws. Virginian’s prefer using a credit card to makes a deposit. Credit card deposits are very fast and go into your account within seconds. The minimum deposit amount id $50, and the limit is $500. Deposit fees are free with credit cards. 5Dimes also has many other options like bank or cash wire transfers, gift cards, bitcoin, etc. There are differing terms and limits for each method.

Now let’s see what rewards you can get with 5Dimes. These rewards are pretty fantastic, and will maximize your bankroll. This site likes to reward new players as well as seasoned players in lots of different ways. Their first reward, reduced juice, is my personal favorite because it lowers the amount that betting sites can charge players for placing bets. Most sports betting sites take 10% juice on all placed bets. 5Dimes only takes 5% vigorish for bets. You couldn’t beat that kind of deal anywhere else. The next bonus I want to mention to you is the 50% new player reward which can add up to $520 to your account. Get on 5Dimes today and see all the other fantastic rewards that they offer.

Are Virginia Online Sports Betting Sites Regulated?

5Dimes might be located overseas but it is overseen by national and international gaming commissions and is fully licensed in San Jose, Costa Rica. While Virginia (and many other states) have passed legislation to build a legal in-state sports betting industry, the offshore sites possess no power over the state and vice versa. In other words, the only state-licensed sites will be the ones authorized by Virginia and the ones located overseas are regulated by their home country.

What Features Does 5Dimes Have?

5Dimes has special features available just for its members. This site’s mobile betting feature is unbelievably awesome as you can go anywhere and start betting on all the sports action that you love. Do not miss any of your favorite bets or action, as you can wager while lounging in comfort on the couch or on the road headed towards the big game.

Live in-game betting at 5Dimes is another feature that competitors are green with envy about. This feature will let you bet even after the game has started. Instead of submitting your action and awaiting the result, you will find thousands of extra betting lines from straight wagers on the spread to moneyline bets on the quarter/half/game, and even prop bets on what the result of the next play will be. There are so many options but be sure not to overwhelm yourself. 5Dimes reviews the betting lines at every second, making the odds shift with each tick of the clock. Sports betting in Virginia has never been made so easy and convenient, so be sure to sign up for free today.