Sports Betting In Virginia

Sports betting in Virginia has undergone some changes that many were not expecting. Between federal and state laws, Virginia sports betting becoming legal is nearly a sure thing. Virginia bettors are able to use offshore betting sites that have been there for residents for over the past two decades or they can wait until a state-licensed sportsbook pops up in the state. The latter is expected to take some time to develop, so don’t be shy to discover the benefits of those gambling sites.

These sites allow American bettors residing in the state of Virginia to create accounts and wager on all of their favorite teams and players whenever they’d like. In order to help you understand your wagering options, we’ve put together this page. Throughout the guide, you will discover certain questions we are frequently asked while also guiding you toward a path of legal, safe, and legitimate sports betting practices. Your opportunities exist whether you know it or not, but be sure not to scan too quickly over the sportsbook review section, as we included a few bonus codes to help boost your bankroll.

Does Virginia Have Legal Land-Based Sports Gambling?

Virginia has passed legislation supporting a land-based gambling industry but many steps are still required before it launches. First, the voters must approve the legislator’s actions showing they accept the birth of sportsbooks in their towns. Next, the state will have to craft regulations regarding the rules and policies. They will discuss licensing costs, the minimum age of play, where sportsbooks will be held, how many operators they can have, and any wagering rules such as the banning of collegiate action or individual player prop bets. Once this occurs, the legislators will need to approve the measure again before the entire ordeal becomes law. At the earliest, land-based sports betting in Virginia will be ready on July 1, 2020.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Virginia?

Online gambling is in the exact same boat as the land-based situation. Until then, stick with the offshore sportsbooks that are legitimate, safe, and licensed by their home country. These operators will offer wagering options on sporting events from all over the world and will even post better odds than you would find when Virginia goes mobile. As long as they have excellent customer service and a variety of deposit and payout options, you have nothing to worry about.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Virginia Residents?

There are thousands of gambling sites that will accept you but be advised that not all of them are created equally. Some have no restrictions and do not adhere to any set of standards while others are dummy sites just to take your money and/or personal information. The sites we recommend have all been in business for over twenty years and have provided excellent satisfactory service to the thousands of WV players that have used their services since they launched. Look out for what bonuses are being offered as well, as you never want to join a site without first seeing exactly how much they will reward you.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In Virginia

  • Over 1 million sports bets were made in Virginia last year
  • There are almost a dozen teams in Virginia you can bet on
  • Visa MasterCard and Amex are the most popular sportsbooks deposit methods in Virginia
  • No bettor has ever been arrested or charged for betting online

Bovada Sportsbook - The Best Sports Betting Inside Or Out Of The Beltway

Bovada SportsbookOnline sports betting is becoming more and more popular every day. Being one of the most populated states in the country, the Commonwealth of Virginia is no stranger to the popular trend and Virginia residents choose Bovada's online sportsbook more often than not. Now, before you jump in head first please take a few minutes to learn why Bovada is the right site for the job. Knowing they have 15+ years of experience is definitely nothing to overlook but there's more to it than being in existence.

Even though Bovada is a great place to start for anyone new to sports betting, it is a superb online wagering site for veterans too. It has everything one would expect from any decent online bookmaking operation ranging from its various odds and lines to their numerous wager types including straight wagers, parlays, teasers, pleasers, etc. Bovada also offers these wager types through its mobile sportsbook (Apple, Android + more) and they even have an interface where propositions can be wagered as the game plays out in front of you!

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Better Odds And Juice On Redskins Bets Than Vegas

SportsBetting SportsbookThere is only so much room at the top, however, SportsBetting has rightfully earned themselves a spot in the Virginia online sports betting market. This legal sportsbook is one of the most frequented wagering sites in the U.S., and it is easy to see why when looking at how well they treat new and old bettors alike. SportsBetting doesn't just want to attract new customers, they know keeping their existing users happy is the key and this website has no lack of repeat visitors.

Anyone can appreciate the first-time deposit promotion that is currently offered by SportsBetting's online sportsbook. A maximum of $1,000 can be granted using the 50% match bonus eligible to all new players making their initial deposit. Loading funds into a player's account doesn't take much effort and chances are that most reading this review already have a form of payment that will work in their wallet or purse. Sign up for an account at SportsBetting then proceed to the cashier to see which non-standard funding options are available this month; deposits using Visa, MasterCard + American Express are always available as well as a variety of cryptocurrency.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Bank A 25% Match Bonus On Every Deposit For Life

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline should be your first stop for online sports betting in Virginia especially if you're looking to put a little bit of money on the Cavaliers' or Hokies' upcoming contests. Holding the competitive edge for over 10 years, BetOnline has developed an extremely devoted fan base up and down the Eastern Seaboard so it's really no wonder why Virginia really likes this bookmaker. While betting on sports is hardly a risky proposition in Virginia, residents are still encouraged to make sure they only bet with a trusted source like BetOnline.

Feel free to head over to BetOnline + see exactly what they have on the board for today; their site is 100% free to browse at which point the genius of their intuitive interface is sure to shine through. Available on PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS powered devices, just about anyone with internet or mobile network connection can experience all BetOnline has to offer. Now that you know they have a 25% lifetime bonus to $1,000 on all deposits, why are you still reading this review? Go bet!

Other Types Of Gambling Available In Virginia

Virginia used to be one of the strictest gambling states in the nation; however, that seemed to have changed with the passing of SB 1126. Under this law, casino gaming would be authorized in the state, which would likely bring forth many casinos as well. Additionally, any horse racing track may be soon able to offer slot machines and table games with the expansion of this bill.

Does Virginia Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

One of the only gambling options Virginia residents have is at the Colonial Downs thoroughbred race track. Located in New Kent County, Colonial Downs offers pari-mutuel betting. Assuming the voters approve the aforementioned measure and the legislators agree on regulations, expect to see places this venue expand into what they offer on-site and through an online platform.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Virginia?

To bet sports online in Virginia, residents need to be at least 21 years old. We have established this by going through Virginia’s legal code. Online sportsbooks allow residents from Virginia to create an account by verifying their identity, so be sure to have a valid form of ID ready when you signup.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Virginia?

Virginia is home to some of the best college sports teams, with intense rivalries sprouting up between several schools. When sports betting in Virginia, college events are some of the most popular. If professional sports are more your style, however, residents are free to choose whichever team they want to wager on. So long as everything is done at an online sportsbook, there’s nothing preventing residents from sports betting in Virginia.


  • Liberty Flames
  • Radford Highlanders
  • Richmond Spiders
  • Shenandoah Hornets
  • Virginia Cavaliers
  • Virginia Tech Hokies

Why Was My Credit Card Declined At Bovada?

Credit cards are the most traditional and convenient way for residents to fund their sports betting accounts. Unfortunately, there are times when you’ll be sports betting in Virginia and your credit card will get declined at an online sportsbook like Bovada. This is not because your card is bad. It is a result of something called the UIGEA, which is a federal banking regulation.

This regulation allows banks the option of declining payments to online, overseas vendors when they are unsure of what the vendor is. It could be as a result of an older payment processing system that the book is using, or it could just be the bank trying to be extra cautious. Either way, credit cards do run the risk of occasionally being flagged and declined. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways for bettors to fund their accounts that are similar and just as convenient as using their credit card when sports betting in Virginia.

Best Deposit Options For Large Wagers!

There are a number of different ways to fund your online account when it comes to sports betting in Virginia. But the best deposit options for large wagers are by and large bank wire transfers, bitcoin deposits, and book to book transfers. These options are incredibly reliable, relatively fast, and most importantly, allow you to credit your account with large sums in a single transaction.

Bank wire transfers are going to take a little longer than any of the other deposit methods we mentioned, but there is no limit on how much you can deposit when you use this method, so it trades off rather well. Bitcoin transfers take minutes at most, but they have a lower limit than bank wires or book to book transfers. The limit is still one of the highest that a sportsbook will offer, though.

Book to book transfers allow you to take funds off of another sportsbook or online gambling site account. This transfer will only take moments and usually doesn’t have a limit, which is great for players who enjoy having multiple accounts. It’s also a great way to avoid withdrawal fees at one book when you transfer it into another account to play with. No matter which of these deposit methods you choose, they’re all well equipped for helping you place large wagers while sports betting in Virginia.