Review Of Bovada

Our review of Bovada serves as a guide for Virginia sports bettors, new and experienced. This page is designed to inform you of everything you need to know about using offshore betting sites inside the state of Virginia. You may have heard that Virginia is in the process of expanding their in-state sports betting market. While this has no direct effect on Bovada, you will have more options as time goes by; however, you will soon come to realize that sites like Bovada spoil you into expecting more from the land-based and online state-operated platforms.

Bovada is a fantastic online sportsbook and casino that has been serving members since 1991. People say Bovada has the best customer support in the industry and their phone lines have English-speaking operators standing by to help anyone that needs assistance. There are virtual poker rooms that give Bovada’s members a choice of hundreds of tournaments per week. Bovada has it figured out though, as they care more about giving their players a great gaming experience than trying to take your money. That’s why people love using Bovada for their sports betting in Virginia.

Why Should I Use Bovada Sportsbook If I Live In Virginia?

Websites like Bovada are legal to use in Virginia even without options existing within the state. Bovada gives residents the chance to make a legal sports bet on their favorite teams and does so in a safe manner. This site should be utilized because of their many years of positive customer satisfaction and ability to pay you out in a timely manner. Not only that, but any land-based sportsbook you visit in the country will not be able to offer anything near what Bovada can between their exclusive promotions, variety of wagering options, and betting odds in general.

Is It Safe To Use Online Sports Betting Sites?

These sites are safe to use and they don’t get people in trouble. The Wire Act of 1961 is a federal law that you may have heard of; however, it has no bearing on offshore gambling sites. This states that the transmission of bet-related information over communication networks is prohibited but this was to target underground businesses operating illegally within the country. As far as personal and banking security, Bovada encrypts all of their websites in order to keep hackers away. They have never lost a player’s money, ever.

Is Bovada Trusted By The Betting Community?

Bovada has an international reputation and acclaimed sport networks from all over the world trust them. This site is a huge sponsor on television networks and has been authorized to operate by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This sportsbook is enjoyed by millions of players around the world and anyone that uses Bovada is guaranteed a pleasant experience and excellent support if their visit doesn’t live up to expectations.

Why Should I Join Bovada And How Do I Sign Up?

There are many good reasons to join Bovada. Signing up is always free and they only require their users to be a legal age to gamble. Bovada takes their account security seriously and always go above and beyond to protect their players’ money and keep accounts secure. Funding a sports betting account can be done six ways from Sunday, and anyone can receive huge rewards from Bovada, just for signing up. There are a thousands ways to bet using Bovada and their books are constantly expanding to add more lines and more odds. Get lucky with millions of people from around the world using Bovada. Signing up takes less time than ordering a pizza, so simply click over to Bovada’s home page and click the join now button. There are many reasons why this is the best site for legal sports betting in Virginia.

Who Can Sign Up At Bovada?

Bovada is not an exclusive website and they allow pretty much anyone to join. There are a few states on the banned list, but Virginia is not one of them. Users must be at least 18 years old according to the site but we recommend waiting until you are 21 – Virginia’s casino gambling age. Nothing is worse than winning big only to discover you can’t access your funds because you won them while gambling underage. Just wait, it’s worth it.

Is My Money Secure At Bovada?

If you want to do some legal online sports betting in Virginia, it is understandable to be skeptical of an international company holding on to your money, but Bovada’s secure network is the industry standard and top rank. The players of Bovada will never lose a dime. When players sign on to the site, they’ll see a locked icon on their address bars. Bovada has state-of-the-art technology that secures the whole site, not just the cashier section. Their modern encryption techniques can not be hacked and the player database is a virtual Fort Knox of information.

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How Do I Fund My Bovada Account?

Deposit methods are varied for Bovada and it’s easy to fund an online sports betting account. Bovada gives their players a chance to load their accounts using their credit / debit cards. They offer their members an additional security feature called “Verified by Visa.” Credit cards have low minimums, as low as $25. Bovada also will accept mailed in deposits. They process all money orders or mailed in checks quickly. As soon as a deposit is received, Bovada’s representatives will update the accounts.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006 because of a concern over debt collections and a slip in the consumer credit industry. The intent of the law was to prohibit certain types of electronic transactions, but the UIGEA affects only the transactions between two financial entities, the banks and the betting sites. That means anyone using an online sportsbook like Bovada, isn’t going to be violating the law whenever they make a deposit. These laws aren’t after the casual gamer. The government uses the UIGEA not to bust an individual; they use the law for large underground gambling rings that stand to make millions of dollars in the shady shadows.

Are There Bonuses For Virginia Sports Betting Online?

There are a lot of websites that offer bonuses, but then there’s Bovada. They are a cut above any deals you get from a casino in the US. Land-based casinos are never going to give you a $125 chip for a $100 bill. Anytime Bovada gets a new player, they offer them no less than a 25% match (currently 50%) on the first deposits. Bovada has super low rollover rates of 5x on sports. Once the betting action exceeds the rates, members instantly get their bonuses and up to $250 in credit.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

Bovada’s sportsbook has a ton of choices. Experienced players can make multiple bets on teams all across the nation and from all the major sport leagues. If you’re a football fan, Bovada’s sportsbook offers odds on all those leagues. Virginians don’t have any major sports teams but they can bet on the Redskins and on their college teams. They have choices for betting on the NFL, the CFL, and the NCAA leagues. If you want to bet on international teams, this online book features leagues from other countries around the world.

The sportsbook at Bovada has multiple lines on sporting events all over the country. It’s cool to go and see the schedule of the day. Bovada updates the odds during every commercial break, so plays can keep track of the action and make sharp bets. Stay up on the odds to avoid catching a bad beat with Bovada’s in-game betting. Their betting services are available year round, 7 days a week.

Other Features You'll Find At Bovada

It doesn’t matter what you came to the site for, but we guarantee it won’t be the only thing you do there. Bovada allows you to jump instantly from their sportsbook to their online casino, live-dealer games, poker room, and even horse racing betting odds. There is no shortage of gambling, as they even post odds on political races and entertainment events.

Live betting and mobile betting have become the necessity with online gambling sites and Bovada can be given a large ‘thank-you’ for that. Their mobile betting app has been around for years and offers the same security as the webpage. Additionally, live, in-play betting, allows for action to be taken no matter the situation in the game. Check out these features for the ultimate Bovada experience.